About Us

The Brave House is a member of the Social Justice Accelerator’s 2019 cohort at the Urban Justice Center. The Brave House supports young immigrant women under the age of 21 who are survivors of sexual assault by providing them with free legal representation, a safe community space, and holistic services – including therapy, career advising, English lessons, and a calendar of wellness events.

Our vision is to create a world where girls can thrive, lead, and belong, regardless of their nationality or past trauma.

By empowering and investing in immigrant girls, we can help disrupt cycles of intergenerational poverty and violence against women.

We are all sisters on this earth, and it is our duty to help each other. Girls across the world continue to face abuse and discrimination due to their gender. Incidents of abuse such as sexual assault, rape by gang members, and forced child labor, cause girls to flee their country out of fear for their lives. They embark on the treacherous journey to the United States, often alone, seeking safety. Instead, they are met with a complex legal system in which they do not have the right to a free attorney.

Over 50% of children in immigration court are being deported without an attorney by their side. We want to change that & bridge the gap in access to crucial social services & community. We want to create a space where these girls can heal from their past trauma, connect with other youth, and develop skills for long-term happiness and success.

Our values include: safety, empowerment, wellness, dignity, and sisterhood.

  • Safety: A space where girls are free from violence and fear.
  • Empowerment: Free legal support so the girls can live and work in this country, become independent, and contribute to their communities.
  • Wellness: In-house mental health counseling, career advising, English lessons, and a full schedule of workshops and classes to promote healing and self-confidence.
  • Dignity: A beautiful, comfortable space, where each girl is treated with respect and inclusivity.
  • Sisterhood: A focus on building community and fostering a sense of belonging.


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Main Office

The Brave House
40 Rector St., 9th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Telephone: 646.602.5600

Email: TheBraveHouseBrooklyn@gmail.com.

Visit our website at thebravehouse.com


M-F: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Reach out with any questions or to refer someone for our services. We can’t wait to welcome them to our sisterhood.